Tuesday, 24 April 2012

I call it "Rainbow of the Tears"

Happy. Lonely. Laughing. Rejoicing. Being alone.
The colour of tears is not always the same.

there's a rainbow forming.
I wonder if tomorrow is going to be sunny.

The lump in your throat that's suffocating you
is a pop away from bursting down into tears
as I wrap my hands around your shoulders.

It's alright. It's okay.
You can cry. It's okay.
believe in it that you aren't alone.

Puzzled everyday by a vortex of words
and struggling within a storm of emotions.
You're like that tiny, pulsating mule,
slightly strays from the bus lane downtown and can't catch up.

You're determined to win and headstrong,
yet brimming with love
more than anyone else.

Your favourite summer has arrived.
Come now,
lift your head up.

As you facing up against the rainbow with a smile,
you can see into tomorrow.

Your shaking shoulders that have endured so much.
It's almost suffocating but
muster their strength and take a deep breath.

It's alright. It's okay.
You can cry. It's okay, you know.
Some tears will make you feel relieved.

On this year's lengthy rainy days of the rain season,
unfold a big handkerchief on the sky.

The moment it absorbs the "overflowing tears',
there spreads an entrancing smile
high up in the sky.

Your profile that no one knows of
is my favourite sight.
It's like gazing at the summer sun,
piercing through the gap in the floating clouds.

Let's ride the shining light running all the way up to the sky
and hop onto that huge thundercloud.
Those emotions swirling to an extent that suffocating you.

So, cast them far away
along with your tears.

It's alright. It's okay.
No matter what,
everything about you is loveable.

edited from the song, Nanairo Namida by Tomato n' Pine
brought to you by iKMAL iKKi (^-^)

p/s-this song was not translated in malay 'coz I don't wanna change the mood, style and tone..enjoy =)

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